Vinyl Floors

Making Vinyl Floors Beautiful Again

Vinyl floors are popular because they are attractive, cost effective and hard wearing. They don’t last forever though. Over time they start to look tired and dirty. If a vinyl floor is more than a couple of years old, or is in a high traffic location, it will never really look clean regardless of how often you brush or mop it. MR MOPS has a solution, though.

We are Auckland’s specialist vinyl floor polishing and maintenance contractor. We work on both domestic and commercial floors restoring them to as-new conditions. If you want to make your vinyl floors beautiful again, you should call us.


What Can We Do For Your Vinyl Floors?

  • Seal newly laid vinyl floors
  • Strip back old polish that is past its best
  • Relaying new polish to restore the floor to an as new condition and give it a mirror finish
  • Vinyl floor scrubbing
  • General vinyl floor maintenance


Vinyl Floor Polishing Experts

For over 30 years we have been providing vinyl floor polishing and restoration services to commercial and residential clients. This is a specialist service that is not typically available from most cleaning companies. We have an expert team of vinyl floor cleaning experts as well as specialist equipment which is why so many customers turn to us to look after their vinyl floors.

If you have a vinyl floor and want to find out just how good it can look again, you should give us a call today.