Concrete scrubbing

Restore Your Floors With Concrete Scrubbing

Concrete floors are incredibly versatile and hard wearing. This makes them suitable in all sorts of situations, from factory floors to exhibition halls to shopping centres. They are even used as architectural features in many residential properties. Concrete floors are not maintenance free, however. Over time, particularly in areas with a high footfall or where machinery operates, they can start to look tired.

MR MOPS specialises in concrete scrubbing so can restore your floors to a condition that is as good as new. The service is available throughout the Auckland area and is suitable for any size of concrete floor. In addition all the chemicals that we use are MPI and NZFSA (New Zealand Food Safety Authority) approved so are suitable for locations that store, manufacture, package or transport food.


What We Offer

  • Specialist machines and expert operators to scrub your concrete floors
  • The machines pick up the dirty water as they go
  • The end result is a concrete floor that is free from dirt and dust
  • We also provide concrete sealing to prevent staining
  • Machines that are suitable for large concrete floors are available plus smaller machines for smaller areas
  • We use MPI and NZFSA approved chemicals


What You Can Expect

When you call us for concrete scrubbing we will arrange a time and date that best suits you. Our aim is to cause as little disruption to your operations as possible, so will work around your schedule. The workers we send to your premises will be specially trained and skilled in the operation of the concrete scrubbing machines, and they will be professional and friendly.

The will complete the job quickly and to the highest possible standards so your concrete floor will be ready to use again immediately. To get a quote for concrete scrubbing, or to find out more information, you should give us a call.